Monday, 9 April 2012

Update! We got stuff to talk about!

We at Coulee Carnage hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday... now back to work!

That includes us too.  Expect updates on the website including all our new sponsors!   You'll get more talk about our charity raffle with Worthy Painting, about all the goodies we have for swag and prize support, some talk about organizing the event, scenarios and more!  Plus any breaking news as it comes.

DO NOT FORGET our awesome raffle being held.  Worthy Painting ( has been generous enough to donate an amazing painted 1000pt Blood Angel force.  Their staff, including Golden Daemon winner Alistair Armes, have put in some stunning work.  You can find them on youtube where they have some videos up of it.  Make sure to like them on youtube and on facebook as well!  

Tickets are a steal!  You get your first ticket for $10.00 and every other ticket after that you get for only $1.00!  Twenty bucks gets you 11 tickets!  It's a crazy good deal.  Best of all?  ALL money raised (minus the inevitable paypal funds) will go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada!   Why would you not want to donate AND have a chance at a fully painted, and great, army!   You can paypal us at

And someone tell Robin Williams.  He's a Warhammer player just like all of us!

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