Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oooooohhh... fancy stuff is in!

It's always exciting when we get a package for Coulee Carnage.  Today's was particularly interesting!  Thanks to Gemma Noon, the wonderful and lovely lady who runs the Chestermere Public Library and is responsible for the Black Library Expo coming up ( we recieved a whole schwack of signed goodies!  Today we got:

From Dan Abnett:  Signed print covers for Thunder and Steel, Age of Darkness, Ravenor Returned, Prospero Burns, Titanicus, The Lost (DROOOOOL!), 2 copies of Malus Darkblade and an actual copy straight off the book of Brothers of the Snake!

Nicky Kyme was great enough to send signed print covers of Salamander, Firedrake, Nocture (all of his trilogy) and of the Fall of Damnos.

And that wasn't it!  We also recieved 4 tickets for the Black Library Expo to give away at Coulee Carnage.  Gemma also sent us audio book versions of Galaxy in Flames, Prospero Burns and A Thousand Sons.

Man oh man, there are going to be some happy nerds on June 23rd and 24th.

And please, check out the link and get tickets for the Black Library Expo.  It is going to be amazing and you can even meet us in person!

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