Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How are we raising money?

Well.. let us tell you!

Raffle:  Our biggest fundraising push has been the raffle we are holding in partnership with Worthy Painting.  100% of proceeds raised will be going to the MS Society.  As of this article we are at over 1200 dollars raised!

Entry Fees:  An undetermined portion of every registration fee will go towards the MS Society

Buy a Re-Roll:  We are allowing every player to buy re-rolls during their games.  It will be $1 per reroll.  A player can reroll once die, once per each players turn.   Potentially one game of fantasy raises 24 dollars and there will be 36 games in total!

Concession Stand:  ALL profits from the concession stand will go towards the MS Society

Silent Auctions:  We will have a number of silent auctions throughout the day with all money raised going to the MS Society.  Up for auction as it stands:  A Forgeworld Chaos Dragon, a bag from Battlefoam thanks to Ohiohammer, Chaos Dwarves from Showcase Comics, signed Black Library items and a whole bunch more!

Donations:  Players and visitors will be able to give straight cash donations if they like as well.   Though, really, you might as well enter the raffle and possibly get an army out of the deal!

So as you can see, we are looking at a wide range of ways to raise money for this great cause!  Hope to see you there!

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