Monday, 7 November 2011


As you can tell by our right side we are picking up some absolutely fantastic sponsors!

Hobby wise we have Max Mini, Micro Art Studios and Lone Wolf Development. I urge you to check out all their websites. They make absolutely awesome bases and conversion bitz amongst a slew of other stuff. Lone Wolf is well known for Army Builder.

Locally, our gaming store Showcase Comics is wholly on board and should play a big role!

And corporate sponsorship as well! Vallance and Co has made a GENEROUS donation and Family Foods will be donating to the cause as well!

Very exciting times and the more the merrier! The more sponsorship, the bigger and better the event and the more money we can raise for the MS Society. And if we can do it this well on our first try, imagine what our next one will be like!


  1. So very exciting to have this much support.

  2. I am really happy to see how many local sponsors, as well as worldwide sponsors, are pitching in. Also note that KPMG LLP Lethbridge will be contributing. A big thank you to everyone!