Thursday, 2 February 2012

RAFFLE! Worthy Painting and Coulee Carnage team up to Hammer MS!

Hey guys!

The big news we have for you is we are teaming with Worthy Painting to do a HUGE raffle! Worthy Painting is a superb and very well known UK based commission painting service. On their staff is Alistair Armes, a Golden Daemon winner. They known the plight of MS, the monumental amount of effort it takes to live with it, and have jumped on board to help us out! They are painting up a starter Blood Angels army, around 1000pts, with some special one off characters that are going to be mindblowingly amazing. Alistair himself will be painting this special miniature himself, so it will be nothing but best in the world quality.

You can WIN this army by entering a simple raffle! Tickets will be $10 Canadian Dollars for the first ticket and $1 for every ticket after, payable with cash, on paypal to, or through our paypal button on the "How to Pay" section of this website. Once you've paid the initial 10 dollars, every ticket will be one dollar, even if you paid that ten dollars a month previous! It's such a small amount for a chance to win this awesome Blood Angels army.

EVERY CENT we make on this is going directly to the MS Society of Canada . We are keeping absolutely none of it! When you donate, we will send you your "lot" number. On June 24th, immediately proceeding the 40k portion of Coulee Carnage, we will use to randomly draw a number... that number being the winner of this stellar army!

Multiple Sclerosis is a cause we believe HUGELY in supporting. Duane Truant, helping organize the event has MS and it caused him to go blind in one eye. My sister in law has it. Worthy Painting is helping because it has struck someone in their family. The outpouring of support has been boggling and you can only help by pitching in a few dollars. If we can get everyone who reads this to tell everyone they know who might want this army, to get everyone they know... etc, etc, etc just imagine the donation the warhammer community can give towards Multiple Sclerosis research! You definitely want to be a part of this!

PLEASE feel free to email us at if you have any questions regarding this whatsoever.

You can follow Worthy Painting on

You can follow us on Facebook as well and on twitter at @couleecarnage. As well we do have a website we are getting up and running at

Thanks! We look forward to seeing the amazing support we know this community can give out!

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